About the Band

21 Taras are a band from Littleton, Colorado – easily one of the whitest towns in the country. Fortunately for all of us, these little rebels decided they didn’t like being privileged middle-class kids, and decided to start a rock band, because of course they did.

Julian is their singer; he was born in Alaska and raised by an interspecies bear/wolf family.

James is their lead guitarist; spawned from the fiery depths of Hell itself, he enjoys ritual slaughter, Satanic prayer, and antiquing.

Austin is their rhythm guitarist; with a metronome embedded in his chest cavity since childhood, music is literally in his bloodstream. Also woodchips.

Jimmy is their bassist; his birth name is Javier, and he was born in the middle of the Indian Ocean. His bass playing is inspired by the mating call of the African elephant.

And last but most certainly not least is Alec, their drummer; a robot designed purely for drumming, his skills were downloaded to his hard drive from the preserved brain of John Bonham.

Ladies and gentlemen and folks of leisure who do not fall within the male-female gender binary, 21 Taras!

(Credit for the Javier joke and the “ritual slaughter and antiquing” joke go to Riley Keohane, Jimmy’s brother and a budding comedian.)